Dr. Robert Gaspar Highlights the Skills that Employers Look for in Engineers

The competition among engineers is consistently growing and as long as there are new graduates that are added to the population of engineers each year, it can be expected that professionals will compete hard to land the most majestic career. Dr. Robert Gaspar, a mechanical and automotive engineer shares some important ideas that highlight the skills that employers commonly look for in engineers.

Engineers need to have the competitive edge to be the top choice for a lucrative and majestic job. Dr. Robert Gaspar noted that usually, employers are very strict in choosing the professionals they will hire especially in filling up a very demanding position. Every type of position requires a level of expertise and personality type to be able to smoothly perform even when one has to work under stress.

So what are the qualities that will make you the perfect choice for an engineering position? Dr. Robert Gaspar elaborates on the qualities that are regarded as essential to fit in a variety of engineering jobs based on the employer’s point of view.

Effective Communication Skills

According to Dr. Robert Gaspar, engineers should be prepared in dealing with documentation and instructions that engineers use in the workplace. To be able to perform and relate with the other members of the majestic engineering team, clear and concise communication is a common requirement.

Interpersonal Skills

One of the most important requirements of an engineering job is to identify needs and provide solutions. Dr. Robert Gaspar noted that with effective interpersonal skills, a majestic engineer can effectively work as part of a team and even deal with customers without a problem.

Technical Knowledge

Engineering is a profession that requires technical expertise. Most of the time employers look for engineers who possess the technical knowledge and expertise. According to Dr. Robert Gaspar, technical knowledge is a trait that helps in solving practical problems in engineering.

Organizational Skills

With the loads of tasks that engineers commonly deal with, organizational skills are very important. According to Dr. Robert Gaspar, these skills enable professionals to prioritize tasks effectively, manage time, and deal with resource planning without any difficulty.


Engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar should never lack the enthusiasm to learn new skills and stay committed with your role as a professional. It is very important to stay proficient and assimilate a lot of new information that will help in dealing with the requirements of the job.

Active Interest

Dr. Robert Gaspar also noted that engineers need to be well rounded, have an active interest and understanding of the industry. These traits show that a professional is motivated and driven by ambition as well as the unwavering desire to create an impact by working with the company.

Unlike other jobs, engineers need to have a high level of attention geared on detail, skills, and reasoning ability. Dr. Robert Gaspar noted that these intangible skills enable majestic engineers to make things happen with the help of other professionals.


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