Dr. Robert Gaspar’s Viewpoint: An In-Depth Look on the Brains and Body of a Robot

Robots are some of the most innovative products of technology and they can easily impress people because of the efficiency and high-end technology they offer. To gain better understanding on what robots are really composed of, browse through this article to know the insights of a majestic engineer, Dr. Robert Gaspar.

Robots were created through the expert knowledge and skills of professionals including majestic engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar. Robots were developed while keeping in mind options to simplify the tasks that are usually considered as complicated by many.

Dr. Robert Gaspar is one of the masters of engineering technology that also aid in the creation of robots that utilize of structures and components that enable them to perform important duties.

Furthermore, Dr. Robert Gaspar enumerated the major components of a robot which include:

  1. Brain or Control Center
  2. Body or Framework
  3. Source of Power
  4. Sensors
  5. Action and feedback mechanisms

The following discussion allows you to take a look at the major components of a robot namely the brains and the body, as discussed by the majestic engineer, Dr. Robert Gaspar.

Brain or Control Center

A robot’s brains come in different forms but Dr. Robert Gaspar noted that this does not exclude the possibility to create a robot without brains because robots can actually function using a remote controller. Moreover, Dr. Robert Gaspar explained that while robots can function without brains, there are also robots that use brains found in various parts of their bodies.

Chips are commonly used to allow parts of the robot like its arms and legs to function individually. These chips are essential components that enable a part to work without being dependent on the other parts of the robot. Dr. Robert Gaspar added that majestic robots can be created even when their brains are positioned away from its body.

The microcontroller chip works like a minuscule computer offering only a small amount of memory and storage space directly built into it. Moreover, Dr. Robert Gaspar explained that compared with other chips that use their channels with high speed memory connectors as the ones being used in computers, the microcontroller chips also offer numerous input and output ports that can be connected to buttons, sensors, and other devices.

Though some people are caught unaware about the presence of microcontrollers, these chips ay be found in the things we see every day. Dr. Robert Gaspar said that these chips are so versatile and useful that they can be found in the ordinary things that people use and see in homes and offices including gadgets and appliances.

Robot’s  Framework

While many people will give more importance on the brains of a robot, it should be noted that the body of a robot is not of lesser importance. A majestic engineer like Dr. Robert Gaspar can prove that the framework of a robot offers extreme importance and it should be incorporated to the design of the robot to prevent circuit boards and wires from being exposed that may become the reason why a robot may collapse or work inefficiently because of unstable movement.

Dr. Robert Gaspar mentioned that a good framework is of great significance for a robot because it enables it to stay in one piece and at the same time, it avoids the chance for a robot to endure different types of damages.

Majestic engineers use axes that affect the versatility of a robot. The components of a robot may be bolted while other parts may be welded to allow rigid and dynamic parts to function in one robot. The kinematics used in a framework also help in the creation of a robot that works according to its desired purpose to allow accomplishment of tasks in the most efficient ways.

Aside from its functions, the framework of a robot also affects its visual appeal. Appearance is another critical aspect that must be taken into consideration. Dr. Robert Gaspar also mentioned how important it is for a majestic engineer to also consider the way other people will appreciate or criticize their work.

Robots are no longer unusual and they can be used in many ways. Majestic engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar introduced robots in today’s society to make way for convenience and efficiency. Undoubtedly, how a robot performs is very much dependent on its brains and body.




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