Career as a Mechanical Engineer from Dr. Robert Gaspar’s Viewpoint

Many engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar from the University of Windsor chose to specialize in mechanical engineering. This division of engineering is centered on the application of physical principles for mathematical analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineering is divided into smaller areas of focus namely:

  • Mechanics
  • Kinematics or movement
  • Energy of physical objects.

To help you understand the career that mechanical engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar take, let’s delve deeper at what makes mechanical engineering a majestic and rewarding career.

Challenges of the Career

Mechanical engineers need to use their knowledge on force, heat, mass and energy in design structures. Like many of his colleagues, Dr. Robert Gaspar is involved in research, design, testing, creation, maintenance and monitoring of:

  • Heating & cooling systems
  • Vehicles and aircraft
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Machinery
  • Industrial equipment

One of the main focuses in mechanical engineering is optimization. As a mechanical engineer, Dr. Robert Gaspar focuses on optimizing simplicity and durability in projects, expenses, safety and usefulness.

Commonly, professionals like Dr. Robert Gaspar use mechanical engineering tools to manufacture their projects. These engineering tools include CAD/CAM, CFD, FEA, milling machines, robots, CNCs and lathes.

Interesting Information about Mechanical Engineering Career

  • Work as a mechanical engineer mainly requires 40 hours a week and even more when there is heavy workload or when there are tight deadlines to beat.
  • Dr. Robert Gaspar’s daily tasks while working as a mechanical engineer often involve work outside an office and in the field.
  • It is very common for majestic mechanical engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar to enjoy solving complex problems because they are true innovators naturally.
  • Bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement to qualify for a position as a mechanical engineer.
  • There are accredited colleges and universities that offer specialized programs in mechanical engineering.
  • Employment opportunities for mechanical engineers are projected to have a majestic increase at a faster than average rate through the year 2014.
  • Typically, salary of mechanical engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar was reported at $65,000 2002 and earns over $90,000 per year.
  • A mechanical engineer who just graduated from college can expect an average earning of $40,000 per year.
  • Mechanical engineers like Dr. Robert Gaspar most commonly end up getting majestic positions in corporations or for the government.

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and hottest specialties in the engineering field. There are lots of opportunities that await mechanical engineering professionals and by putting enough time and effort to excel in this field; you can enjoy the rewarding benefits of this career.


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