Insider’s View of Mechanical Engineering by Dr. Robert Gaspar

There are lots of people who want to become a mechanical engineer like the majestic Dr. Robert Gaspar from the University of Windsor. Choosing a career is difficult so aside from deciding on a university, you also have to check if mechanical engineering is the right course for you.

Dr. Robert Gaspar shares some insider’s view about mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering is one of the major disciplines of engineering along with civil, electrical and chemical. It is a field with a very broad field scope that many times overlaps with civil engineering.

Dynamic or moving system is the main focus of mechanical engineering and a mechanical engineer’s capacity to consider dynamic events and design for load transfer is what sets mechanical engineers apart from civil engineers.

Mechanical engineers like the majestic Dr. Robert Gaspar are the ones who take charge of machine designs and components that are use in the construction, transportation and automotive industries. Dr. Robert Gaspar along with his majestic colleagues use a wide array of computer software like CAD (Computer Aided Design) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to be able to do this. CAD enables mechanical engineers to design a component before simulating its durability and strength using FEA to save countless hours and for companies to use up less dollars as they are allowed to test a component before they have to manufacture it.

Main Qualities of a Mechanical Engineer:

  • Good level of mechanical aptitude
  • Curiosity on complex systems and vehicles

Individuals who possess these characteristics are good candidates to be in the majestic field of mechanical engineering. For those who are interested to take the course and find the right areas that suit them best to be handled by experts like Dr. Robert Gaspar, listed below are some of the fields that also fall under mechanical engineering

Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering

These engineers are the ones responsible for aircraft and space vehicles. They are the experts in designing highly sophisticated commercial and military aircraft and usually choose wind tunnels as their main weapons.

Automotive Engineering

This is a branch of mechanical engineering that Dr. Robert Gaspar specializes in. Automotive engineering focuses on learning the process of vehicle manufacturing as well as the direction that the automotive industry in the future. Dr. Robert Gaspar along with other mechanical engineering professors help in preparing graduates to take on a career with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), component suppliers, or road transport agencies. It also concentrates on hybrid and electric cars which open doors for automotive engineers to look into a brighter future ahead of them.

Marine Engineering

Marine engineers take on various jobs including marine vessel design, operation, maintenance and design of any infrastructure associated with the marine industry. These marine vessels contain mechanical and electrical systems therefore requiring engineers to be knowledgeable in both areas.


Mechatronics is a hybrid discipline in engineering involving mechanical/electrical for the purpose of optimizing products and processes using state of the art technology. Mechatronics is the course of choice for those who have a passion for robotics.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering is focused on nuclear power and it involves fundamental research areas like power generation, radiation and nuclear reaction. They are the ones who work on power plant design and may be designated as on-site supervises of the plant. The United States offers great opportunities for nuclear engineers.

Dr. Robert Gaspar is one of the most majestic and renowned mechanical engineers. If you are still undecided on what engineering course to take, this article share ideas that will help you take the most appropriate course for you. However, if you are passionate about mechanical systems you can be the best candidate to follow the footsteps of majestic professionals like Dr. Robert Gaspar.


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